Free Fruit!

The community market in the Mackarness Hall today saw the first public event by the new Transition Town movement here in Honiton.  Devon has a rich history of top fruit with many of it’s own varieties from cider apples to the famous Tamar Valley cherries.  With so many local fruit trees, it’s important that the local community has access to this rich resource rather than paying for fruit to be brought in from around the world.

Following a newspaper article in the Midweek Herald, the response from the community was stunning.  Eventually, donors had to be turned away as there was insufficient capacity to handle the quantity of fruit.  A great many people came to the Transition stall to take free eating and cooking apples and pears and bring more donations from their own trees.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated fruit so freely.  Next year it is hoped to be able to handle a greater quantity of fruit and spread the collection and donation throughout the picking season.

In addition, Transition Town Honiton received it’s first unsolicited donations totalling £34.37.

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