Sowing the Seeds in Honiton…

by Sharon Pavey – Green Town Councillor for Honiton and one of the founders of Transition Town Honiton

One evening in late September 2011, 23 people came together in Honiton to discuss the possibility of Honiton becoming a transition town. It was an idea I’d been mulling over for about a year and had spoken to various people about it. I met Chris Davis who wanted to move the idea forward and together we took the idea to Honiton Town Council early this year. I then became a town councillor myself in May and spent some time networking with more people who could help make the transition vision a reality in our town.

Eventually – with nothing to lose, I booked Montgomery’s (thank you to them for providing free meeting space) and put up posters and flyers around town and got a mention in the local paper. It was incredibly heartening to see so many people at that first meeting in the early autumn and we had three speakers to explain a bit more about the concept of the transition network. Thanks to Selena Mitford from the Blackdown Hills Transition Group, Dave & Liz Bramley who came over from the Vision Group for Sidmouth and John Crew who told us a bit about Sustainable Ottery.

After a couple of hours talking – we had enough people step forward to create our steering group, and I am writing this four meetings and one event on. Yes, we had our first Transition Town Honiton event in November! A fruity giveaway, but I’ll let Rufus tell you all about that in the second installment of this – the brand new TTH blog! Huge thanks to everyone who has got us this far – and Rufus for setting up this website. If you are reading this and would like to add a blog entry of your own, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.

Elena giving away some surplus Honiton fruit collected by Rufus

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