Sustainable Saturdays in Honiton

Transition Town Honiton (TTH) are starting a monthly community market from January 2013. Taking place every first Saturday of the month in the mornings at the Mackarness Hall, this is a place people can meet, buy and barter ethical goods, fresh fruit and veg, local food, crafts and more. 

This was our Seedy Saturday event earlier this year which was very well attended

With food prices rising and cuts affecting everyone, Sustainable Saturdays will offer a slightly alternative way of doing things. We’ll be experimenting with the old-fashioned bartering system so you could bring a bag of your home grown potatoes and go home with some delicious local meat or cheese! There will also be a clothes swapping stall where you can bring good quality clothes you no longer need and swap for items you like. Plus anyone can book a stall if they are having a clear out as this encourages re-use/recycling and puts a few extra pennies in the stallholders pocket. You don’t have to barter, you can still buy things with real money too – it’s just an idea we want to explore!

TTH is planning ahead and volunteers are needed to help run the market and make it a success. Stallholders needed too including local charities to run the cake stall every month. Please get in touch with Sharon on or call 07447 597390. 

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Saturdays in Honiton

  1. Good Morning Sharon

    Yes, I will be more than happy to take part in this this excellent cause.

    Please be aware that evening meetings are an issue for me with a rampaging teen daughter, but I’m sure a quick phone call from someone to keep me up to speed can overcome this.
    However I am happy to run stalls including pitching up and pulling down and I can use my car for collections…say if a person has a lot to donate but cant physically transport it to Makerness Hall, and Im more than happy to help with posters and advertising etc but again beware my computer is out of the Ark and Noah himself would recognise it!

    I am not an Organic grower of food plants as there has been far too many slugs for that this season so I have used a water in slug killer that contravenes the code for Organic gardening, I’m not sure that my veg plants would be acceptable for this group but you are welcome to any that are.

    A willing volunteer is worth 10 pressed men according to Nelson and I agree with him so I wish you the best of luck in your search for other people.

    Please let me know when the first event will be and I will attend with Bells On.

    Best wishes


  2. I don’t quite understand how this Saturday thing will work. Will you be renting out stall / table space to sellers, and if so it would be a bit confusing if a person wanted to just sell their items but you have advertised it as a bartering system. Or have you already got items to barter with such as clothing etc…
    I agree bartering is great but I don’t know if having bartering and selling in one place will work easily as it may be confusing to buyers as well as sellers.
    I would love to know more about your arangements and also possibly the price of and size of space you may have available. With thanks, John Butler

  3. Hi John, thanks for your comment. 6ft Stalls are £5 (or free to charities and local groups). You don’t have to barter, you can still buy things with real money too and sell things for real money – it’s just an idea we want to explore. We’ve not done this before so we really have to see how it pans out. The idea is that bartering is an option and all stallholders must consider it. We have been to other bartering events eg in Totnes (with their Transition group) so have some knowledge of how others do it.

    I’ll be running a stall myself and if someone wants something from my stall and is offering me one of their goods in return (either from their own stall or something they’ve brought eg some veggies) then I would consider their offer. If they are offering something I simply do not need, I would politely decline and say I’d prefer cash! The same goes for my shopping there, if I see something I like I would ask the stallholder to pop to my stall and see if there is anything they would like in return. No cash changes hands – we just swap items.

    I should add we are being careful about the types of produce we have there, we would prefer local, ethical, homemade items etc. We will also consider whether the items are already available on the current Saturday street market. I’ll email you now to chat further. Sharon

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