Honiton Fruit Giveaways

Transition Town Honiton will be giving free fruit away again this year. Following our successful fruit giveaway last November we’re starting earlier this year, finding unpicked fruit trees, arranging with the owners to collect fruit then giving it away to anyone in town who wants it and can use it, to save it all going to waste. Christine, Natasha & I were out at The Otter Inn in Weston this morning to pick apples and pears.

Christine and Sharon getting the juicy fat ones at the top!

Thanks to The Otter Inn for letting us pick their fruit today (please do always ask the owners first if you are doing this yourself!). Get in touch with Tina on 01404 41205 or email info@transitiontownhoniton.org.uk if you have a fruit tree in or around Honiton that needs picking or you’ve picked your fruit and have more than you can use. We are hoping to be on the High Street and at local events very soon offering the fruit to anyone who would like it so keep an eye out for us and check the local papers too.

Natasha testing the pears – Mmm they’re good!

We also need more people in our Food Group, more fruit pickers and people able to give an hour of two of their time to staff a giveaway stall. There are only a few of us and we really do need more people to get involved.

Christine & Sharon picking pears


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