Nimble fingers needed!

We are making a beautiful homemade patchwork banner for Transition Town Honiton to use at the events we put on and attend. Can you help sew a patchwork letter or two? I’ve started it off doing the T and R (pictured below).

All you need is a 20cm square piece of plain fabric – I used felt (a thickish piece – not the really thin stuff) as felt doesn’t need hemming. I then found some old fabric from my scraps box and made the shapes. The flowery ‘T’ fabric needed hemming first but the animal print for the ‘R’ doesn’t fray so should be ok as it is.

If you don’t have a scraps box but want to help – they sell felt squares locally in Curtain Trader and Honiton Toy Shop (approx 70p each) and they sell scraps of fabric in some of the charity shops eg Children’s Hospice Shop (up at the back near the curtains) and in Curtain Trader and Soft Options.

All you need to do is leave a comment on here saying you can do the next letter………so we’re aiming to make 21 squares saying TRANSITION TOWN HONITON. I will turn the letters red when they’ve been done or someone has offered to do them.

I’ve done the T and R.

Christine has offered to do a T and an N.

Stella is doing all four ‘O’s !

Lorraine has offered to do the H for Honiton and the T for town.

Elena is doing A and S and three of the I’s plus a W.

Carol has hurt her finger and cannot do the 4 ‘N’s now – any volunteers?

Perhaps we could all try and get them done to bring to the Bring & Share supper on Saturday 9th March – details here. Or you can pop them in a big envelope and leave them at the town council office on New Street marked “FAO Cllr S Pavey”.

Add a comment if you can do a square (please do your patch in a CAPITAL/UPPERCASE letters). Any queries – drop me an email, thanks everyone :)

Sharon Pavey – member of Transition Town Honiton

14 thoughts on “Nimble fingers needed!

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I can do the other 4 N’s. Is there a specific size for the felt and the letters please?

    Carol Tummon

  2. Thank you ever so much Carol – yes, I did put the size for the felt in the blog – it is 20cm squared. The letters I’ve done so far leave a space of about 2cm above and below the letters. They’re uppercase/capital’s too.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I will do the H for Honiton and the T for town. When do you need them by?

  4. Hi Sharon
    my letters are all done and ready, how I get them to you? Could you email me what to do.

    If you need someone to do any of the other letters let me know.



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