Honiton Library Bird Garden

Transition Town Honiton welcomes Steven Henry of the RSPB to officially open the new bird garden at Honiton Library on Friday 31st January at 10:30am EVERYONE WELCOME


TTH want to improve the view for library users by providing a nature-friendly environment for the local bird population. Russ Connors of the TTH Planting Group said they “wanted to brighten up the library’s back garden and help nature.”
Contact Russ Connors 01404 549693 or Lynda Martin 01404 47838 for more details.
About Transition Town Honiton
This project is one of many set up and run by TTH which came to life in 2011 as a community-led organisation that looks to improve the local economy, make better use of local resources and take care of our local environment. Join TTH planting group and help us to find other local areas that need to be improved or perhaps you’d like to join one of our other groups: the Sustainable Saturdays group, the community orchard group or the recycling group.

It was reported last August that we were donated a bird house from Violet & Grey http://www.midweekherald.co.uk/news/new_haven_for_birds_in_honiton_1_2333337

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