Update from the Planting Group

It may seem like things are quiet at TTH at the moment but there’s actually quite a lot going on behind the scenes. Here’s an update from the Planting Group for you….

Library Bird Garden
Russ has done a bit of work on the Bird Garden at the back of the library and has reported it is looking good.

Outside the Library: Marjorie (the lady who lives in the cottage opposite) arranged for her son to make wooden planters on top of the concrete structures. Topsoil was then put in and various herbs have been planted by Marjorie. She has almost finished the planting and intends to put in descriptive signs to match in with those on the Herb Wall. (Jess has been contacted about this as it was her friend who did the original TTH herb wall signs.)

On Sunday last Lynda and Russ painted the wall behind the planters so it’s now looking clean and tidy. One suggestion is to have a mural on the wall. Maybe ask the Community College for their students’ ideas? All this has been funded by Friends of the Library.

Herb Wall on New Street
Sharon and others keep a regular eye on it and it is looking bloomin’ marvellous right now as is the beautiful blue borage. We’ve let the chives go to seed as the flowers are glorious. The herbs are all there for anyone to pick and the strawberries will be ready soon.

Community Church
Nothing has been done here for some time but the Foxgloves that were planted have grown and look healthy. Geoff is meeting someone from the church to chat more.

Beehive Garden
Alan is leading this project. After spotting an article in the Midweek Herald, Alan has been liaising with James Maben (Blackdown Hills Natural Futures Manager) with a view to practical/monetary help to take the Beehive project further. Vernon Whitlock has kindly donated a picnic bench which they are hoping to put in place soon.

The Work that Reconnects

A series of 6 experiential workshops, based on the work of Joanna Macy,
to explore our responses to what is happening to ourselves and to our planet.

Saturdays in 2014 – 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

March 22nd Coming from gratitude, celebrating our true nature.
May 3rd Honouring our pain for the world, the pain that is not ours alone.
June 21st Seeing with new eyes, feeling part of the Web of Life.
August 2nd A Council of All Beings, for families & people of all ages.
September 20th & November 1st Going forth’: coming back to life, finding courage and active hope, for the healing of our world, each according to our situation, gifts, and limitations.

Venue: Escot Village Hall, Gosford Lane, Taleford, Exeter, EX11 1NE, Devon.

Cost –                                     per workshop.     to book all 6  (15% discount)
Low/Unwaged:                   £15                        £75
Waged:                                 £35                       £178
High Earner:                          £40                       £204
Organisational:                     £55                       £280

Facilitators: Sara Drew and Martin Paine

The Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was asked
what we need to do to save our world.
“What we most need to do,” he replied,
“is to hear within us the sound of the earth crying.”

This work has proved useful to ‘Heart and Soul’ groups and to ‘Inner Transition’ initiatives within the Transition Towns movement.  It will interest those wishing to explore Ecopsychology and anybody caring to vision our future.

Bookings and enquiries –  saraedrew@uwclub.net   or martin@danublue.org.uk
For more information see  - http://www.ottercounselling.co.uk/theworkthatreconnects