Honiton Library Bird Garden

Transition Town Honiton welcomes Steven Henry of the RSPB to officially open the new bird garden at Honiton Library on Friday 31st January at 10:30am EVERYONE WELCOME


TTH want to improve the view for library users by providing a nature-friendly environment for the local bird population. Russ Connors of the TTH Planting Group said they “wanted to brighten up the library’s back garden and help nature.”
Contact Russ Connors 01404 549693 or Lynda Martin 01404 47838 for more details.
About Transition Town Honiton
This project is one of many set up and run by TTH which came to life in 2011 as a community-led organisation that looks to improve the local economy, make better use of local resources and take care of our local environment. Join TTH planting group and help us to find other local areas that need to be improved or perhaps you’d like to join one of our other groups: the Sustainable Saturdays group, the community orchard group or the recycling group.

It was reported last August that we were donated a bird house from Violet & Grey http://www.midweekherald.co.uk/news/new_haven_for_birds_in_honiton_1_2333337

EcoArt @ Honiton Sustainable Saturdays

We’ve been thinking of ways to involve families more with our Sustainable Saturday events at the Mackarness Hall and we’ve come up with EcoArt. It’s just a space for the kids who come along to get creative, recycle some unwanted items to create something arty to take home. It also gives you a little bit of time to look round the stalls and grab a cuppa! Click here to see when our next event is on.

We only have a very small team running our events and need your help to make this happen so here’s our wish list below:

1. We need any unwanted crafty stuff that kids can make into other things e.g. card, coloured paper, egg boxes, wobbly eyes, pipe cleaners, sparkly things, ribbon, old containers etc.

2. We need some art equipment – child-safe scissors & left handed scissors, pva glue, pritt stick, poster paint, selotape etc.

3. We need children to come along to the events ! Please spread the link (http://bit.ly/193cE25) to this page on your Facebook & Twitter pages, email friends too. Ask your school to promote it in the newsletter. It will only work if you help (thank you).

4. We need grown up helpers at each event. Our Sustainable Saturdays run from 9am until 12 so if you can spare just one hour to sit at the table that would be great. This just involves keeping the table tidy etc. You are not expected to run an activity, parents are expected to keep an eye on their children and must not leave their kids in the hall. We’re not a childcare option!

If you have anything to donate or can give an hour of your time to help – please email sdpavey@gmail.com or post us a message on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TTHoniton