The Planting Group

Our planting group is made up of people who want to grow more plants in Honiton. This might be fruit and vegetables, trees or plants to attract more wildlife like birds, bees and butterflies. This group have planted trees in The Glen (see Spring into Action & Weeding trees in June) and transformed neglected areas of town like the herb wall behind the bus stops on New Street (see All about our herbsNew Street Wall Makeover).

Working on the New St Herb Wall – from left Christine, Tina, Sharon, Elena and little Louisa!

The herb wall

The planting group are chatting to the train station staff and library staff about adding planters to those areas and are planning a very exciting new venture. The Thelma Hulbert Art Gallery was looking for some help with their garden and it looks like our planting group will be involved so watch this space….!

The Eco Council from Honiton Community College helping plant trees in The Glen in the spring 2012

If you are green fingered or would like to be – have at least one hour a month to spare (you don’t need to give lots of time) then please get in touch. Email Lynda at or text/call 0781 1444452. The group welcomes people of all ages and abilities who want to put something back into our community.

We planted over 100 trees in The Glen in 2012. They were donated to the Community College from The Woodland Trust. We also donated a Royal Oak to the Millennium Green that the Mayor planted.

At our meeting on 18th June 2013 we had a discussion about our aims and decided the following:
We want to plant things

We’re all about community involvement

We want to grow food

We are learning about growing things

We want to help wildlife

We want to make Honiton beautiful/better

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